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observations from clouds to place
Clouds come and go. They usually come to a city and they leave without us noticing. Like clouds, we wander about. How can we use clouds to slow down, reflect and reconnect with our inner child?
Joyce Ho, Matthew Cuschieri, Muhaddisa Ali

Ash Ma, Gabriel Drozdov
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How long have you been in Providence?

F: Ooh, 38 years. 38 years.

Wow. Um, what do you consider your relationship to Providence?

F: Well, my, my family was born here, my children and my grandchildren, so, I cannot leave because they're here. I don't like the weather, but they're here.

Were your parents here as well, or no?

F: No. I moved here.

What made you move here?

F: She did.

She did?

F: Yeah.

Why? Can I ask why you were interested in moving to Providence?

F: Oh, she has a lot of family here. She has, that's why.

T: I came in 1974 to New York City. In 1976, I came to Rhode Island. And since that time, I haven't gone away. So I, I went back to my country. I met my husband over there, we got married. So, and, we came. In 1985.

When you say my country, where is that for you?

T: Guatemala.

Where does your mind go to when you're looking at clouds? What thoughts go through your head? What kind of head space are you in when you're like taking the time to look at the clouds and sky?

F: I could imagine myself in another place. The Caribbeans, you know. I don't know, in a garden.

And for you?

What was the question?

What, what are you thinking when you're looking at the clouds? What head space are you in? What does it make you think of when you look up at the cloud?

T: Oh, when I made, when I, when I see this sky, I just say to myself, ‘what a wonderful world.’ Hahahah.

F: Plus, relaxing.

T: Plus, I say that, you know, how wonderful, you know, is God to make something beautiful that we spend time to, you know, to watchvto keep, to put our minds away from everything from here, y’know, that’s it.